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The Many Benefits of Healthy Fat!

Updated: May 12, 2020

Let's talk about healthy fats. In the past, fat was the "bad guy" of macronutrients, but recently they've been getting a lot of attention due to popular high fat/low carb diets.

Studies have shown adequate levels of healthy fats have been linked to higher cognitive function, weight managment, and hormone health!

Brain Function

60% of our brain matter is made of fat, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to us that studies have found people who consume high amounts of (monounsaturated) fat reduce their risk of dementia by 36 percent! Adding in healthier fats is a way to give your brain the nourishment it needs.

Weight Management

It may seem counterintuitive, but eating more fat can help you loose weight! Fats like avocado, nuts, eggs and full fat (organic) dairy increases our satiety and prevents overeating, which ultimately leads to better weight maintenance. However it's important to keep in mind the type of fat you eat can yield very different results. Avoid trans fats as they are highly processed and can contribute to heart disease. Sick with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, your brain, hormones and waistline will thank you!

Hormone Health

Fat is the raw material needed to maintain healthy hormone production and is vital to fertility. The body is not able to produce certain sex hormones like progesterone, estrogen and testosterone without cholesterol. One of the ways your body makes cholesterol is by consuming enough fat. While I don't agree eating unlimited amounts of cheese and bacon is healthy, I do encourage getting more dietary fat from sources like wild-caught (low mercury) fish, extra virgin olive oil, avocados, raw sprouted nuts and seeds, grass-fed beef and pasture-raised eggs. Adding these healthy fats into your diet also aids in blood sugar balance, another important factor to healthy hormone function!

One of my favorite ways to start the day is with some avocado toast on sourdough bread! This keeps me full and fueled for the day.

How do you add healthy-fats to your diet? Do you thrive on healthy fats? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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