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The Cycle-Syncer's Guide to Food-Prep

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Cycle-syncing your diet can be a game-changer for women looking to optimize hormone balance! While I discuss in more detail what cycle-syncing is and its importance in my Ebook "The Cycle Secret," I thought I'd share some of my tips for meal prepping based on the four phases to make this concept attainable whether you're a woman on the go or a busy mom juggling life!

Menstrual Phase Food Prep:

During the menstrual phase, your body needs iron and mineral-rich foods that are also comforting. Complex carbs are also ideal during this phase as your body needs more energy. Foods I like to prep during this phase include:

  • Quinoa-Precooking this complex carb makes an excellent base for warm, nourishing bowls.

  • Sweet Potatoes-Chopping up some sweet potatoes to make a quick hash or to bake with a protein is another excellent complex carb to have on hand for this phase.

  • Seasonal squash-In the summer I like to have squash cut up and ready to grill or roast. For the winter months when butternut and acorn squash are available, I like to use them in warming soups with anti-inflammatory spices like cinnamon, ginger, or turmeric.

  • Spinach-Having some frozen spinach on hand is great to add to soups or pasta dishes for that extra serving of iron-rich greens!

  • Bone-broth-Having homemade bone broth in the fridge is great for this phase, as bone broth is packed with both iron and minerals! Remineralizing the body during and after menstruation is important.

Follicular Phase Food Prep:

During the follicular phase, your body needs estrogen-building foods and healthy fats to prepare your body for healthy ovulation. You may have less of an appetite, so keep things light and fresh. Foods I like to prep for the follicular phase include:

  • Oatmeal-Making up a batch of overnight oats is perfect for the ovulatory phase as it provides blood sugar balance and energy. You can also add in seeds or nuts for a serving of healthy fat.

  • Coconut Milk-Freezing coconut milk to add to smoothies and protein shakes is a great way to get in an extra serving of healthy fats! Use an ice cube tray to make them easy to use.

  • Garbanzo Beans-Garbanzo beans (chickpeas) are great to soak and cook up ahead of time to create nourishing bowls or to add to fresh salads.

  • Avocado-Avocado provides the body with ample healthy fats which is needed in this phase. I like to make dairy-free avocado crema or avocado-based salad dressings to have in the fridge!

  • Lean Protein-Having lean proteins such as chicken or fish marinating or pre-cooked for things like chicken salad is great during this phase as your body will need plenty of protein to stay fueled.

Ovulatory Phase Food Prep:

When you reach the ovulatory phase, you need to support liver detoxification to support estrogen metabolism. Fresh foods and lots of leafy greens are recommended for this phase. Foods to prep during the ovulatory phase include:

  • Kale/Chard-Having some kale or chard in the freezer to add to green smoothies, or to add to omelets is a great way to get these detoxifying greens into your diet.

  • Broccoli-Broccoli is great for estrogen detoxification. Having a broccoli salad prepped in the fridge makes for an easy side for lunch or dinner.

  • Cauliflower-Prepping and freezing "cauliflower rice" makes for a quick and easy base for a variety of dishes.

  • Eggs-Make "egg cups' to grab on busy mornings; you can add in lots of veggies for an extra serving of fiber.

Luteal Phase Food Prep:

The luteal phase is when you need progesterone-supporting foods and complex carbs to combat low energy levels. Foods rich in magnesium and vitamin B6 are important to include to combat PMS symptoms. Foods to prep include:

  • Lamb-Prepping lamb meatballs and freezing them make for a great go-to meal during the week.

  • Quinoa-Again quinoa makes a great complex carb for salads or nourishing bowls. I like to use it in place of rice for certain dishes.

  • Root Vegetables-Cutting up root vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, and parsnips are great to have in the fridge to bake or saute even if you're short on time. I like cutting them into different sizes (for example I would cut sweet potatoes into smaller cubes for a hash)

  • Lentils-Making a quick batch of lentil soup (dahl) is great to have in the fridge or even freeze to have on hand during this phase as it offers a generous serving of protein.

  • Chocolate-Prepping some healthy desserts and snacks that include magnesium-rich chocolate, is great during the luteal phase. Dairy-free chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate bark with pumpkin seeds and pomegranates, and chocolate-

These are just a few tips to help you get started with cycle-conscious meal prep! By prepping your food, you will be more likely to stick to this hormone-supporting lifestyle and also save valuable time and energy. If you would like to learn more about cycle-syncing, or meal prep, check out my other blog post or leave your contact info on my site!


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