What Is A Health Coach?

As the healthcare system advances, the Health Coach title is gaining recognition by the public, the media, and the world of health and wellness.

A Health Coach does not take the place of a medical practitioner, but in some ways, the heath coach picks up where your physician left off, helping you implement the changes necessary after a checkup or diagnosis.

Health Coaches serve as a guide to help manage dietary constraints (due to conditions such as diabetes or celiac disease), teaching you stress-reducing methods, guiding you to the best exercise for your body, food cravings, weight management, sleep, and digestion, just to name a few.

Holistic Health Coaches truly focus on whole body approach to wellness and work one-on-one with individuals to guide them to better health.

As a coach I take a bio-individual approach to coaching. Bio-individuality was an essential part of my training at IIN, it's the concept that one persons food is one persons poison. I believe that nutrition and wellness needs to be tailored to each individuals needs, as we're all as unique as our thumbprint.

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